S14 and 14a Differences

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S14 and 14a Differences Empty S14 and 14a Differences

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 21, 2011 8:59 pm

The external differences are

Front Bumper
Front Indicators
Front Foglights
Front Wings
Rear Light Clusters and Centre Garnish

The internal differences are

Steering Wheel
Instrument Cluster (Clocks)
S14 and s14a Touring up to 98/99 has Black leather
S14a Touring 98/99 on has Cream leather
S14 has full size spare wheel and less boot depth
S14a has space saver spare
S14 and 14a upto 99/00 has Sony Audio
S14a 2000 on has Clarion Audio

The mechanical difference are

The S14 has an EGR system and a main cat
The S14a has no EGR and 2 cats (main cat and a pre-cat in the downpipe)(the exception being the S14a Auto which has EGR)
The S14 has a boost sensor on the drivers suspension turrent
Turbo Elbow and Downpipe are different
AFM's have a different plug

The Electrical differences are

The S14 has NATS Alarm (plain black fob)
The S14a has NATS2 Alarm (black fob with red and blue buttons)
(some late S14's have NATS2)
NATS is a seperate system, NATS2 is part of the ECU. Therefore S14a ECU's are not interchangeable without being reprogrammed.

S14 Touring has

Leather seats
10 disc multichanger
Passenger airbag

S14a Touring has

Leather seats
10/6 disc multichanger (Sony/Clarion)
Passenger airbag
Side Skirts
Headlamp washers



Flame Red
Garnet Red
Marlin Blue
Oyster White


Flame Red
Emerald Green
Kuro Black
Sapphire Blue

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S14 and 14a Differences Empty Re: S14 and 14a Differences

Post by SMOKIE on Mon Dec 12, 2011 3:32 am

thanks for all the info there laura.
i had a 14a a while back there and thought it was just the front end that was the differance between them.

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