Toyota Starlet Turbo common Fault Guide

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Toyota Starlet Turbo common Fault Guide

Post by Boxy Starlet on Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:09 am


Symptom - Ticking noise when cold, goes away once car is warmed up

Possible problem
- Leaking exhaust gasket (head to mani, mani to turbo or turbo to downpipe)
- Cracked exhaust manifold
- Crack in the cylinder head around the exhaust port

Symptom - Water temp does not rise

Possible Problems
• Thermostat stuck open.
• Fan on constantly (will be if air con removed)

Symptom - Over heating

Possible Problems
• Thermostat stuck shut.
• Coolant Leak
• Fan not running (check fan switch)
• Water pump
• Belts and hoses
• Blocked radiator
• Excessive exhaust back pressure
• Dragging brakes
• Over worked engine

Symptom - Water loss

Possible Problems
• Leaking radiator
• Radiator cap not holding pressure
• Leaking hose
• Water pump seal
• Head gasket (check exhaust/plugs for signs of water and check oil for a mayonnaisey substance at the filler and dip stick)
• Turbo water line seals
Symptom- Oil level dropping (engine will use a small amount)

Possible problems
• Turbo seals (Compressor side, check for small amount of blue smoke and oil deposits in the dump valve or intercooler piping/inlet/throttle body).
• Turbo seals (Exhaust side, thick white smoke on idle maybe more often)
• Valve stem seals (Distinctive blue smoke)
• Leaking oil filter (check it is screwed tight and check for holes)
• Sump leaking (when removing and replacing sump a sealing compound must be used, if not used or seal correctly a sump can squirt out a lot of oil around the seal.)

Symptom - Smoke

Possible Problems
• Fine blue (compressor seal on turbo)
• Distinctive blue (Valve stem seals
• Fine white (water check levels and head gasket, PCV valve)
• Thick white (Turbo seals on exhaust side)
• Piston rings

Symptom - Power loss

Possible Problems
• Poor burn (coil pack, Spark plugs, leads.)
• Over fuelling
• Pinking (set up the timing)
• Boost leak in piping
• Dirty Injectors (use cleaner in most parts stores, run in neater than suggested)
• Clogged inlet (manifold/throttle body)
• Dead sensor (check for engine warning light)
• Blocked cat
• High back pressure
• Inlet restriction
• Also could just be summer (hot air is bad )

Symptom - Boost cutting/drop

Possible problems
• Cracks between port and waste gate.
• Gasket leak at manifold
• Hitting fuel cut (buy HKS FCD, see Burwash)
• If turbo can’t produce the air to hold pressure (Cavitate)
• Turbo over boosting

Symptom - Boost creep

Possible problems
• Inadequate waste gate size
• Removal of cat (free flowing exhaust cause creep)

Symptom - Misfire/Back fire

Possible Problems
• worn, fouled or damaged spark plugs
• Cracked dizzy cap
• Poor coil
• Running lean (dirty, clogged or inoperative injector)
• Air leaks
• Low fuel pressure (check pump and FPR)
• Low compression (leaky, blown exhaust valve. Blown head gasket)
• Poor idle (Check leads are not earthing, often water is the culprit)

Symptom - Hunting/High idle

Possible Problems
• Fuel/air mix incorrect
• Split vacuum hose
• Sensor connector off or damaged.

Symptom - Poor economy

Possible Problems
• First off it’s a starlet
• Over fuelling (check your running the correct amount of fuel pressure for your setup)
• Dirty injectors
• Worn spark plugs
• Pinking
• Excessive retardation

Symptom - Clutch judder (Light vibration)

Possible Problems
• Loose or worn mountings.
• Misalignment of engine to gearbox.
• Uneven operation of clutch arm
• Oil contamination on clutch face
• Defective pressure plate.
• Defective driven plate
• Scored/Glazed flywheel
• Worn spigot bearing

Symptom - Clutch slip (Revs increase and speed doesn’t, Burning smell)

Possible Problems
• Incorrect clutch adjustments
• Partial seizure of linkage or fouling of pedal preventing the full return of the linkage.
• Worn clutch facings.
• Oil contaminated facings
• Defective pressure plate and/or broken springs
• partially seized mechanism

Symptom - Clutch Drag (Hard to engage, jolts on change)

Possible Problems
• Incorrect clutch adjustments or lack of fluid in the hydraulic operating system.
• Worn hydraulic system.
• Oil contaminated facings.
• Defective driven plate, buckled plate or seizure on spines.
• Seized spigot bearing or worn spigot.

Symptom - Clutch fierceness (Gradual release with sudden movement)

Possible Problems
• Partial seizure of linkage or fouling of pedal preventing the full return of the linkage.
• Uneven operation of the clutch arm
• Worn hydraulic system
• Oil contaminated driven plate
• Misalignment of engine to gearbox
• Worn spigot bearing

Symptom - Engine Knocking

Possible Problems
• Big end bearing
• Main bearings
• Thrust bearings
• Cam followers

Symptom - Ticking

Possible Problems
• Stressed injectors (they will make a small ticking noise anyway)


Symptom - Pulling

Possible Problems
• Failed brake pads or callipers
• Worn suspension bindings
• Steering linkage problems
• Incorrect tire pressures
• Improper wheel alignment
• Defective tires

Symptom - wheels wander or wiggle rapidly back and forth

Possible Problems
• Low or uneven tire pressures
• Wheels out of balance
• Uneven or excessive tire wear
• Worn steering components

Symptom - Proposing over bumps or uneven roads. (Bouncing, dipping, diving)

Possible Problems
• Worn shocks or struts

Symptom - Slipping steering (wheels slipping back and forth when steering)

Possible Problems
• Low power steering fluid
• Loose or worn power steering belt
• Worn power steering pump
• Leaking power steering rack

Symptom - Wheels vibrates at speed

Possible Problems
• Wheels out of balance
• Unevenly worn tire
• Loose wheel bolts

Symptom - Over steer

Possible Problems
• Reduce rear tire pressure
• Adjust anti role
• Add rear strut

Symptom - Under steer

Possible Problems
• Reduce tire pressure
• Support negative camber
• Chassis braces
• Stretch fit tyre to rim (e.g. 165/50/R15 on 15'' by 7'' Rim)

Hope this helps some one Thumb Up!
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Re: Toyota Starlet Turbo common Fault Guide

Post by JDM for life on Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:11 am

very good Peter, sticky Thumb Up!

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Re: Toyota Starlet Turbo common Fault Guide

Post by Baz95 on Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:50 am

brill thread man Thumbs Up!
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Re: Toyota Starlet Turbo common Fault Guide

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