Looking for big brand aftermarket parts? Look no more!

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Looking for big brand aftermarket parts? Look no more!

Post by Eastcoast Tuning on Tue Jul 02, 2013 8:38 am

Apologies for the lack of activity lately, we've been very busy securing new brands for the shop and generally improving the business. But we're back with some big news WootsWoots 

We're very proud to announce that Eastcoast Tuning is now a supplier of HKS, Blitz, J's Racing, Greddy, Nismo, Cosworth, DAMD, Do-Luck and many other product line ups. This is big news and we'll have more details over the comming days. All parts are 100% genuine and ready to order now.

Motul oil will be in stock soon, we'll also be offering service kits on various levels for most Jap cars, including HKS oil filters with built in neodymium magnets that actually draw metal shards away from your engine. We will also be offering service packs that will include the HKS Super fire spark plugs and drop in HKS filters.

Again, all genuine parts, we're just waiting to finalise the prices on these packages. All items will be available individually but we'll be offering good savings when bought as a kit.

Also on the horizon is the full range of EBC brake discs and pads but we'll have more news on that in the comming weeks.

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