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Post by conor f :) on Thu Aug 28, 2014 7:56 am

I have been ordering alot of car related stuff lately so said id throw up a few reviews

1st. MicksGarge.Com - really cant fault this one bought lambda sensors /wipers/fuel,air filter exhaust gaskets bushings wheel bearings last monday it was at my door wedensday morning havent fitted it yet but everything looks good prices are abit dearer then most online shops but its free delivery over 30euro and they always have vouchers online just google it

2. Miser-Auto.com - mixed feelings here got discs and pads for the four corners it says 48hr delivery but thats a lie i ordered them last friday and got an email saying they were shipped tuesday and should be here tomorrow did not know the company is based in france so that slows down delivery and delivery is guts of a tenner plus alot of bad reviews online about getting wrong / damaged parts but they are seriously cheap on good brand names so il have to wait and see

3 Ebay - now delivery is a disaster and i wouldnt order anything engine or safety related except for drive shafts that are 60 quid a piece new with great reviews on H-H got drive shafts wind-deflectors cleaning bits car mats front mugen rep splitter and fogs ordered a week ago and delivery is between the 2-7sept varys on bits but i dont think its right from previous experience you can grab yourself a real bargain here

conor f :)
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