DC2 Honda Integra TypeR Blueprint part numbers

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DC2 Honda Integra TypeR Blueprint part numbers Empty DC2 Honda Integra TypeR Blueprint part numbers

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1.8i Coupe - Type R DC2 B18C6 1797cc
01 Nov 1997 > 31 Aug 2001 16v DOHC FWD 5 MTM

Engine Oil Filter ADS72101
Air Filter ADH22234

Fuel Filter ADH22329
Recommended Spark Plug PK22PRL11S
Timing Belt Kit ADH27308
Timing Belt ADH27531
Timing Belt Tensioner Bearing ADH27606
Alternator Belt ADD69607
Power Steering Belt ADM59623
Air Conditioning Belt ADT39606
Rocker Cover Gasket ADH26718
Head Gasket Set ADH26290
Front Brake Pads ADH24246
Rear Brake Pads ADH24250
Front Brake Disc ADH24341
Outer Diameter (mm) 282.00
Overall Height (mm) 47.50
Thickness (mm) 23.00
Fitting Holes / Studs 5+2+2
Minimum Thickness (mm) 21.00
Vented / Solid V
Centre Hole Size (mm) 70.00
Rear Brake Disc ADH24354
Outer Diameter (mm) 260.00
Overall Height (mm) 49.00
Thickness (mm) 9.00
Fitting Holes / Studs 5+2+2
Minimum Thickness (mm) 8.00
Vented / Solid S
LH Front Brake Caliper ADH24825
RH Front Brake Caliper ADH24826
LH Rear Brake Caliper ADH24536
RH Rear Brake Caliper ADH24535
LH Front Brake Hose ADH25362
RH Front Brake Hose ADH25362
LH Rear Brake Hose ADH253107
RH Rear Brake Hose NYA
LH Rear Brake Cable ADH246110
RH Rear Brake Cable ADH246109
Clutch Kit ADH23069
Clutch Disc ADH23131
Outer Diameter (mm) 215.00
Inner Diameter (mm) 150.00
Splines 24.00
Spline Diameter (mm) 25.60
Clutch Cover ADH23243N
Clutch Release Bearing ADH23313
Clutch Master Cylinder ADH23420
Clutch Slave Cylinder ADH23606
Starter Motor ADH21245
Kilowatt 1.2
Alternator ADH21161
Amperage 90
HT Lead Set ADH21610
Oil Pressure Switch ADN16601
Water Pump ADH29130
Thermostat ADH29207
Opening Temperature (° ) 78.00
Diameter (mm) 52.00
Outer CV Boot Kit ADH28115
Front Wheel Bearing Kit ADH28223
Rear Wheel Bearing Kit ADH28327
Complete Hub Yes
LH Outer Track Rod End ADH28709
RH Outer Track Rod End ADH28710
Inner Track Rod End ADH28722
Upper Suspension Arm
Left Hand ADH28628
Right Hand ADH28629
Lower Ball Joint ADH28615
Stabiliser Link
Front ADH28510
Rear NYA
Fr Lower Suspension Arm Bush
Outer ADH28014

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